Overview and Definition of Industrial Automation.

Overview and Definition of Industrial Automation. Now a days, You hear automation word in every sector, whether sector maybe IT, computer, industrial and even in domestic.

If you saw karishma ka Karishma comedy Indian serial, came in early 2010. That small girl Kaishma is actually robot, who does all domestic chores with so much easily and very efficiently without any help. Even there are more movies like robot, terminator etc. where robot does all kind of work which human could not do alone.

So this is fictional scenario where all kind of work done by machine itself. But in reality, we have to feed program and sequence in the machine, so that machine do work by itself. This feeding program and setting sequence comes under the world of automation.

So let’s go in the word of automation and its use in industrial scenario.

Automation is the word made by two Greek words Autos (means “Self”) and matos (means “Motion”).

Motion by itself is actually word to word meaning of Automation. If we take this meaning in industrial structure, it gives industrial infrastructure more capacity to produce more products within so much less time, with minimum human intervention and most accuracy.

Definition of Industrial Automation

First we will define Automation

Automation is the set of technology that includes Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation and Mechanical Engineering, that results in operation of process and control, which reduces human intervention and make operation in less time.

Now Industry, is systematic economic activity that could be related to manufacturing/service/trading.

In our case we will consider only manufacturing sector. In manufacturing industry, fully finished material is made by raw material, processes and human work. Each industry works for financial benefit, so main objective of any industry is to make maximum profit.

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